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Five Things to Know about Owning A Dickey’s Barbecue Franchise

There are many great franchise opportunities on the market today. Finding a franchise system that matches with your portfolio and life goals is the key to a good long-term partnership. For many aspiring entrepreneurs, franchise ownership can be a proven way to open their own business with the support of an established system. We’re not shy about telling people why we think Dickey’s Barbecue franchise  is the best on the market.

Here Are Five Things That Set A Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Franchise Apart From The Competition:

Dickey’s has a proven franchise system.  We’ve been serving Texas-style barbecue since 1941. With almost 80 years of experience under our belts and over 500 locations around the globe, we have a track-record of success.  Our franchisees have the support of the biggest barbecue brand on the planet and decades of experience opening successful restaurants. Franchisees receive continuous support in all areas of the business, from site selection to construction to marketing and training. We work to ensure our franchise owners are equipped with everything they need to get their businesses up and smokin’.

We are family.  Before Dickey’s became the world’s largest barbecue franchise, we were a small, family-operated barbecue joint in Dallas, Texas. In 1941, Travis Dickey opened the first Dickey’s Barbecue Pit selling ham sandwiches and milk. While we’re still family-owned, we’ve undergone some big changes since then. Today, what was once a humble barbecue pit has become an international franchise. But, at the heart of our business, we’re still a family serving up southern hospitality and making sure guests know that when they dine with us they’re part of our family too. Our guests, our pit crews and our franchisees are all familiar with our famous family greeting, “Hi, Welcome to Dickey’s!” Dickey’s franchise owners are genuine barbecue fanatics who serve their communities with exceptional, friendly service.

Barbecue isn’t fast food, its food made for memories. Our barbecue reigns king, because our authentic Texas-style approach consistently delivers an unmatched level of quality and flavor. They say if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it and that mantra explains why our slow-smoked barbecue method hasn’t changed since we began in 1941. At every Dickey’s location is the heart of the store, the Pit. We have an open kitchen concept to showcase the authenticity of our meats by allowing guests to see where and how our meat is slow-smoked to perfection. Dickey’s is crafted for the big games, the long nights filled with toasts and meals surrounded by the ones you love.

We offer a Master’s in Barbecue. Our training program is first-rate. At Barbecue University, we provide a combination of in-depth classroom style and hands-on training. In addition, online training modules are offered for every aspect of the business to ensure franchise owners and their crews truly become subject matter experts. This includes customer service training in a live setting because we believe that the guest experience is our top priority.

We have old recipes, but new technologies.  We may have been around for 80 years, but we still have a few tricks up our sleeves. We offer time-tested, classic recipes, but we also offer innovative technologies that provide efficiencies for our franchisees.  Fans world-wide already know that Dickey’s stands for quality and their slow smoked meats are made with no B.S. (bad stuff).  Dickey’s rich technology platforms are also no B.S. and provide great insights we use to make real-time data-driven decisions. We built our own  proprietary ordering system and use a key performance indicator-tracking system called Smoke Stack to monitor and streamline our business operations and bring our restaurant processes into the 21st century.

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